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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Syrian rebels agree to surrender zone bordering Golan

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Syrian rebels agree to surrender zone bordering Golan Syrian rebels have agreed to surrender sensitive areas bordering the Golan Heights, a growing Israeli troops, a opposition source said yesterday. The agreement follows another round of negotiations that saw thousands of residents withdraw from the two friendly dictatorships surrounded by hard-line rebels in northern Syria on Thursday.

The two deals negotiated with the Russian regime will be considered a victory for President Bashar al-Assad. Combining military power and negotiated surrender this month his troops were arrested for more than 90% of Daraa in the southern provinces and suffered the first rioting in 2011.

They began violently bombing Quneitra, wedge-shaped crescent-shaped fat between Daraa and the buffer zone, with Golan, occupied by Israel to the west. Abbas said the rebels had agreed to hand over the buffer to Tsunetira and government officials, an opposition party negotiator and a watchdog told AFP on Thursday.

"The negotiations call for the return of the armistice and heavy weapons and the return of government agencies," said Rami Abdel Rahman, a British Syrian observatory. Syrian troops will occupy the opposition territory and some rebels will go to the opposition territory in northern Syria, he added.

SANA, a state-run news agency, said the military does not provide more detailed information and has information about the transactions that will return to the region's 2011 post. The rebel negotiator said that a preliminary truce agreement with Khanna was signed with Moscow, but it is unclear when it will be implemented. Under him, he said in an interview with AFP that Syrian troops will join the buffer zone with Russian police.

Though Israel did not make any comment on Thursday, the military said that tens of thousands of Syrians are watching the border safely in combat. During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the security of the region was a top priority.

Russia is a multi - decade - long ally of the Syrian government and used the carrot and stick strategy for rebels to help Assad regain his Senator. Moscow began bombing Syrian rebels in 2015, but also reached them with negotiated surrender to important areas. He brokered the deal this week to withdraw thousands of people surrounded by a pair of pro-regime villages northwest of Syria.

The negotiations between Russia and Turkey, a rebel ally, saw the thousands of residents escaping by bus on Thursday to the region of Aleppo's regime.

Approximately 6,900 civilians and combatants emptied the village completely

For little mercy we all have to be in this time of trial, and Friday's paper has given us enough cause for relief. Members of tributaries who are gradually declining are sure to share this feeling.

Raza Mahmood Khan, a convener of Aghaz-i-Dosti, a friendship initiative to bring together the youth and youth of India and Pakistan. During the last seven months of kidnapping from the Model Colony in Lahore on December 2, last year, social activists joined the missing and 'missing' Pakistani class.

The Lahore police officer, who reported Raja's financial news, recovered 10 days ago, but did not disclose any further details. He said Raja did not make any statements about the security issue.

I would have been able to clearly see that he kept peace under peace if he did not want to repeat his seven-month experience of captivity. SP, Investigations, and Model Town who spoke to the media knew what happened to Raza and the social activist during the execution, but we can be confident that the 'security issue' will not keep him captive. Detail.

Their crime was not quiet in the four walls of the house or the workplace, but quietly in the public sphere. After all, when talking about sensitive issues, you should keep in mind national security issues. And patriotic Pakistanis can sing in one hymn sheet or sing at all. It's that simple.

Raja's family and friends got him back, and whatever the police officer said was 'good health', the person will know when all the injuries, physical and mental injuries are given. What if you still have scars? Who can have it all?

Please do not make me wrong. I was angry. This is an expression of complete and complete surrender and resignation. I really appreciate the thanks that I mentioned. I know a lot of people who did not go home after similar people disappeared.

Two of the married couples who are destined to return from the dead, indeed, saw what I saw and told me what nonsensical questions were and what they were to be responsible for 'anti-national' human rights. Activity, attempted 'reverse doctrine'.

They were never traitors. Yes, they were Pakistanis and they were the last. Unlike those who can not be named as anonymous sailors, they must provide the best path to national prosperity and opportunities for education, health care and progress for each Pakistan. Their crime was not quiet in the four walls of the house or the workplace, but quietly in the public sphere. That was enough. It is never important that it never threatened the state in any way. They have never seen a gun.

If you actually do, I mean you can have a firearm, attack Pakistan and use your weapons to kill or disarm your destiny. Yes, it depends on the Pakistan you attacked and the strength and consequences.

I will explain. You are okay if you use it to carry guns for the right hand and also to take care of those who challenge your personal beliefs. If you have killed a large number of Pakistan, you are most certainly in return for raising the prize trophy - not dead but alive - and eventually to the right at the end.

Nothing in this category grants you the right to be interviewed on the national TV network. People in both categories also become mainstream and get the right to run for election and bring poison to parliament.

But remember that the hymns are of the utmost importance.

Before the general election on May 5, people who spend most of their time on politics will wonder if they can avoid unexpected things, such as naming the most popular enthusiast as the next resident of the House Cabinet.

But I long for it. In Dawn on Thursday, one of the most iconic commentators of our time, a reporter whose honesty is so unconventional and almost inaccessible and who inspires generations dares to evaluate his election.

My hero mentor, bigger than life I.A. Always telling the truth, Rehman attacked social media and thought it would not be possible for far fewer people and journalists to do a preliminary questionnaire analysis, with a self-righteous ignorance to speak a simple mind. So, you will not hesitate to give an assessment of what may or may not happen on the 25th. It will be released until next week. I may not do any analysis of the proposal, but his heart will beat the land of my birth forever

Saturday, 21 July 2018

CDA Seals Private Schools in Residential Areas

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CDA seals private schools in residential areas on Friday, the CDA began operating private schools in residential areas by shutting down 12 schools and their sub-sectors in the G-6 sector. The actions were carried out by the CDA's Director of Building Management. 

CDA rules and regulations, the recent Islamabad High Court (IHC), private schools and other commercial activities that can not be done in residential areas will continue" Faisal Naeem. Sealed private schools include Educator School, Shahin School and Academy, Hallmark School, School and Infant Academy, Excellent School, Queed Public School, School Research, Arts and Science School, Learners School and PIES School.

However, civic groups are considering whether to accept kindergarten.

A CDA official said he did not face serious resistance from the school administration because all the educational institutions are now watching summer vacations. CDA sealed the school building and hinted at the police station at Aabpara Police Station. According to a letter from the building authorities, some of the twelve schools' tenants and owners could ruin the seal. "Thus, the surveillance and ward of a sealed building may be ordered not to be damaged by theft / carelessness." Situation, "I read the letter.

There are approximately 363 private schools in the residential area of Islamabad. Recently, NGOs have rejected the suggestion that private school operators would allow preschools in residential areas. Now, however, the CDA's Planning Wing, which will be submitted to the CDA Board, is preparing a summary for approval to change the bylaws to allow preschools in residential areas.

The CDA has also decided that from now on, it will plan private schools in all sub-sectors of the new field. Previously, CDAs assigned plots in such areas only for schools operated by the Federal Directorate of Education. Many private schools have been allocated amenity plots at nominal costs in the H-8 sector. However, several years ago, the policy was changed to allow such compartments to be disposed of through public auctions.

Last May, at the direction of IHC, CDA officials and over 100 private school representatives met before a new policy was set up. In this case, private school operators acknowledged that primary schools are also allowed in residential areas, but the CDA went to kindergarten alone.

At the end of the morning on Friday, Zofran Elahi, president of the Private Schools Association, condemned the CDA's actions. He said civic groups should consider students' future. "About 250,000 students are studying in private schools in Islamabad," explaining that the number of public schools increased from 392 to 422 as of 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the population of the capital city rose five times. He pointed out that the government did not set up a public sector school that matched the requirements. "Private schools have filled this gap." He repeated that at least elementary schools should be allowed in residential areas.

"It's an odd and groundbreaking decision," the CDA put the future of thousands of students at risk. In our country, no one conducts research before making an important decision.

The High Court (IHC) judge Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui made a serious argument on Saturday arguing that security officials are manipulating the judicial process. He also argued that institutions approached the IWC chief justice and confirmed that Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz remained behind the election.

Judge Siddiqui said in a speech at the Lawalpindi District Bar Association, "Today ISI is wholly involved in operating judicial procedures." "Employees will bench on their will."

Siddiqui's statement today is a strong and unusual statement from a senior judge. He did not present evidence during his speech to support his argument while implicating the agency's interference in judicial matters.

He also said that the agency had approached the Chief Justice of Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi, the IHC's chief justice. "We want to keep Nawass Sharif and his daughter out until the election. Do not include Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui on the bench. I hear the appeal of. "

Without revealing his name today, he claimed, "Who knows who delivers the message to the Supreme Court. He asked: "Why did the Administrative Control of the Court of Accounts withdraw from the Islamabad High Court?

He claimed that the freedom of the judiciary was deprived and is now under the control of people with guns "I will end your comment on you if you make a favorable decision for us," Judge Siddiqui argued. He also argued that by September, he was proposed to be chief justice of the High Court.

Siddiqui Chief Justice of the Justice Department is pending in the Supreme Court Justice (SJC). The first reference relates to a corruption case filed by a capital development agency (CDA) employee. In the second reference, the SJC questions his critical view of the role of the army during Faizabad Sikh in last year.

Unlike past queries, the SJC will conduct a query on Siddiqui's judge in relation to such references in an open court. Judge Siddiqui has stated that his accountability and corruption are the only things that bar can really be responsible for, and that when referring to corruption, important decisions are made "by a particular group Emphasis ".

He also said the lawyer would resign if he found he was involved in corruption.
Siddiqui added that Pakistan can not be compared with Europe or the United States but can be compared with India and Bangladesh. He said India is on a path of progress because the political process has never been stopped. about 49 to "60% of the responsibility for the current state of the country belongs to the judiciary, and other agencies are responsible for the rest," he pointed out.

Friday, 7 July 2017

ADB Agrees To Increase Annual Lending

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ADB agrees to increase annual lending to Pakistan to $2bn

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to tighten its Pakistani loan of $ 2 billion annually over the next three years, currently under $ 1.5 billion, subject to swift preparation of project design and procurement.

Vice President Wencai Zhang, who spoke to journalists after talks with Pakistan's Treasury Secretary and Finance Minister Punjab, said Pakistan has asked to increase its flow of funds to more than $ 2.5 billion.

He said he is here to finalize the three-year national partnership, strategy and operational plan for 2018-21, and said ADB will continue to support infrastructure projects for transportation and railways, including interconnection facilities with its neighbors in South Asia, Central and others. Asia and Southeast Asia.

He wants the government to provide more than US $ 2.5 billion in annual funding to ADB, but the project's annual budget will be between $ 1.8-1.1 billion, depending on the project's processing time, according to the project's completion.

Zhang said ADB will continue to work on reforming the public sector and reforming the energy sector, particularly transmission and distribution, and improving energy efficiency.

He added that the bank is now more interested in urban transport systems and has recently partnered with other international lenders to approve $ 335 million in the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transport Project, starting with Punjab and planning more transportation projects.

ADB's new area of interest is urban water and sanitation projects as part of an integrated water management system that pursues financial inclusiveness through public-private partnerships, starting with the Punjab project in Sindh.

He also added that ADB is seeking ways to increase support for the social sector in technology and vocational education for technology development in youth and secondary health care.

He acknowledges that project preparation and approval processes have resulted in project delays, cost overruns and delays in achieving planned performance, while ADB improves procedures and also streamlines the project design, procurement and approval process for governments.

He did not comment on the recent macroeconomic situation and the transition to the next government, saying that such a decision should be taken by the Pakistani government if other IMF programs are needed. But the macroeconomic vulnerability of the country has decreased significantly over the past few years, he added.

He said that the ADB has been encouraged by the government's reforms that have taken steady, and that Pakistan should continue its substantive restructuring because it has to achieve a high annual growth rate of 7 percent.

Zhang said ADB had planned to make a major contribution to the development of the major rail network (ML-1) from Karachi to Peshawar, but later decided that Pakistan and China would be part of the China-Pakistani economy at the bilateral level. (CPEC).

He said ADB has raised this issue on the railway ministry that proposed several important projects to the ML-1 vessel. He said the two sides agreed to discuss the subsidiary route to carry out the project, but said ADB is no longer included in ML-1.

He used ADB's success in the energy sector to make more money and why he avoided asking why funding programs have weakened rather than strengthening energy sector regulators, but financial management, corporate governance and operational procedures It improved in the sector, but it needed to move on to the next level.

Auto Vendors Oppose Govt’s Proposal On EDB

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Under the direction of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, automotive suppliers do not support the government's proposal that several ministries and departments will deal with the automotive sector after the EDB closes.

Industrial Production Minister Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi said on Wednesday that he will take care of the automotive industry and automotive industry at a meeting with automotive suppliers and that the customs will be waived by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The Trade Agreement (FTA) is handled by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for standardization.

Mashood Ali Khan, president of the Pakistan Association of Pakistan's Association of Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam), said in a Dawn speech Thursday that vendors do not support the offer.

EDB has acted as a "one-window" for the automotive sector, dealing with issues related to tariffs, FTAs, etc., and sent recommendations to relevant ministries, he explained.

"We need a window to grow the industry," he said.

Paapam is scheduled to meet Khizar Hayat Gondal. To emphasize the negative impact if the EDB (MoI's strong department) is dismantled. So far, the government has not given any notice of the dissolution of the EDB.

EDB held its 35th meeting on July 10 to implement the instructions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the dissolution of the EDB.

The bicycle maker said it was apparent in EDB's letter to the bicycle assemblers three days before the annual production details, procurement of local parts and imported parts and in-house changes. He said all assemblers provided this detail to the board each year.

The Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA) did not show any anxiety about the fate of EDB.

Even automotive builders are not ready to comment on this development.

Khan said the closure of the EDB occurred at a meeting of the Energy Sector Cabinet (CCOE), which was criticized by the board for the delayed approval of the China-Pakistan economic corridor power project and the rampant corruption.

It has been instructed to dissolve the organization from the prime minister because it no longer achieves its useful purpose.

Interestingly, he said that the EDB exemption exemption requirement has already been removed for IPP projects of more than 25MW, he said in the Finance Bill 2016-2017.

Therefore, the CCoE may have been misrepresented regarding the delays in processing power proposals by the EDB. He added that the role of EDB, which handled 25MW or more power projects in the Ministry of Water and Power, was added.

Paapam said CCoE needed to think about the criticism and the unfair position on the performance of EDB.

At a news conference Thursday at a local hotel, Papamu said he had never been involved in scandals or corruption scandals at the EDB since its creation in 1995.

The board promoted localization of the domestic automobile industry and auto parts to promote 70% of cars, 95% of bicycles, 90% of tractors, 50% of trucks and buses.

EDB implemented the elimination program in the 1990s, followed by the tariff system, and in 2007 the first automatic policy was established. The board also restored truck / bus manufacturing through effective control of the automotive sector regulations (including SRO 655, 656 and 693), controlling smuggling / stigma, preparing a second automobile policy in 2016.

He said that since 2010, the government has failed to focus on EDB or engineering. EDB has reduced its number of employees and even operated without a CEO from 2012 to 2015. Finally, EDB added that since March 2017 there are no permanent CEOs.

He said he was not worth insisting on equality with EDB officials for corruption charges.

"Our member countries have not experienced corruption at any level of the EDB, the industry is back and there are new entrants," he said.

He urged the prime minister to hold a meeting with the Paapam commissioners on the EDB issue.

Former Chairman Paapam Aamir Allawala said growth in the automotive industry played a key role in overall GDP growth over the past three years.

The EDB also added support for the industry's position during the negotiations between China, Pakistan and Turkey on the FTA.

Mattek-Sands Horror Injury Puts

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Mattek-Sands horror injury puts Djokovic in shadow

Bethanie Mattek-Sands of the United States, who played in Wimbledon on Thursday, fell down on his knees and screamed painfully and appealed for help.

The miserable drama of 17th Court injured for at least 20 minutes at the age of 32 aired Novak Djokovic's title campaign.

"Please help me! Please! Please!" Sorana Cirstea of Romania, at the first point of the match, collapsed the net and grabbed his right knee and yelled at Mattek-Sands.

According to the women's tour, Mattek-Sands suffered a serious knee injury.

"We went to the hospital hastily with a knee injury," a WTA internal source said.

Justin, husband of Mattek-Sands, tried to comfort her wife when Cirstea, who rushed to ask for help, was visibly confused when medical staff arrived.

Mattek-Sands eventually stretched out after she stood on the ground in a painful voice while she waited for medical assistance.

Her duo partner, Lucie Safarova, who shares world number one and four Grand Slam titles, arrived at the scene with tears.

The terrible scene on Court 17 dominated the first day of the tournament.

Former Novak Djokovic outclassed Zinc Pavlasek 6-2, 6-2, 6-1, shrugged a sweltering sweeping breeze overshoot and reached the third round.

The third seed champion took the 32nd place for the ninth consecutive year in a surprise attack from the first court in the Czech Republic, which ranked 136th.

He is next with Latvia's Ernests Gulbis, who led Argentina's Juan Martn del Potro 6-4, 6-4, 7-6 (7-3).

Grigor Dimitrov and David Ferrer also entered the third round.

Bulgarian thirteenth seed Dimitrov defeated Marcos Baghdatis 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 and Ferrer was forced to retire after his opponent, Steve Darcis, 3-0.

The pint-sized Dudi Sela stunned the huge US innings (5-7), 7-6 (7-5), 5-7, 7-6 (7-5), 6-3.

Two-time Svetlana Kuznetsova, the seventh-seeded champion, entered the third round with 24 rounds of seed CoCo Vandeweghe.

Result (prefix number represents seed):

Men's Singles:

Round 2: Adrian Mannarino (France) bt Sugita Yuichi (Japan) 6-1, 5-7, 4-6, 7-6 (7-2), 6-2; Ernests Gulbis (Latvia) bt 29-Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina) 6-4, 6-4, 7-6 (7-3); Dudi Sela (Israel) bt 23- John Isner 6-7 (7-7), 7-6 (7-5), 5-7, 7-6 (7-5), 6-3; 15-Gael Monfils (France) bt Kyle Edmond (United Kingdom) 7-6 (7-1), 6-4, 6-4; 27-Mischa Zverev (Germany) bt Mikhail Kukushkin (Kazakhstan) 6-1, 6-2, 2-6, 3-6, 6-4; 2-Novak Djokovic (Serbia) bt Adam Pavlasek (Czech Republic) 6-2, 6-2, 6-1; 13-Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria) bt Marcos Baghdatis (Cyprus) 6-3, 6-2, 6-1; David Ferrer (Spain) bt Steve Darcis (Belgium) 3-0- Darcis retired.

Female Single:

Round 2: 14-Garbine Muguruza (Spain) bt Yanina Wickmayer (Belgium) 6-2, 6-4; Zarina Diyas (Kazakhstan) bt Arina Rodionova (Australia) 6-4, 7-6 (7-4); Alison Riske (USA) bt 12-Kristina Mladenovic (France) 2-6, 6-4, 6-4; 9-Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland) bt Christina McHale (USA) 5-7, 7-6 (9-7), 6-3; Lesia Tsurenko (Ukraine) bt Viktorija Golubic (Switzerland) 6-1, 2-6, 6-3; Polona Herrcog (Slovenia) bt Barbará Ratchenko (USA) 6-7 (2-7), 6-2, 6-2; 24-CoCo Vandeweghe (US) bt Tatjana Maria (Germany) 6-4, 6-2; 7-Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) bk Ekaterina Makarova (Russia) 6-0, 7-5; Sorana Cirstea (Romania) bt Bethanie Mattek-Sands (USA) 4-6, 7-6 (7-4), 0-0-Mattek-Sands retired.

The rest of Wednesday results:

Men's Singles:

Round 2: 4-Rafa Nadal (Spain) bt Donald Young (USA) 6-4, 6-2, 7-5; Benoit Paire (France) bt Pierre-Hugues Herbert (France) 7-6 (7-4), 6-1, 6-4; Jerzy Janowicz (Poland) bt 14-Lucas Pouille (France) 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 6-1; 1-Andy Murray (England) bt Dustin Brown (Germany) 6-3, 6-2, 6-2; Kevin Anderson (South Africa) bt Andreas Shep (Italy) 6-3, 7-6 (7-4), 6-3; 26 Steve Johnson (USA) bt Radu Albot (Moldova) 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3; 28-Fabio Fognini (Italy) bt Jiri Vesely (Czech Republic) 7-6 (7-3), 6-4, 6-2; 30-Karen Khachanov (Russia) bt Thiago Monteiro (Brazil) 3-6, 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (7-3), 7-5; 7 Marillain (Croatia) bt Florian Meyer (Germany) 7-6 (7-2), 6-4, 7-5.

Female Single:

Round 2: 13-Jelena Ostapenko (Latvia) bt Francoise Abanda (Canada) 4-6, 7-6 (7-4), 6-3; Camilla Giordi (Italy) bt 17-Madison Keith (USA) 6-4, 6-7 (10-12), 6-1; Feng Shui (China) bt 25-Carla Suarez Navarro (Spain) 6-2, 6-2; 2-Simona Halep (Romania) bt Beatriz Haddad Maia (Brazil) 7-5, 6-3; 21-Caroline Garcia (France) bt Ana Bogdan (Romania) 6-4, 6-3; Madison Bendler (USA) bt 11-Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic) 6-3, 1-6, 6-2 Carina Witthoeft (Germany) bt Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus) 7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 6 -three; 4-Elina Svitolina (Ukraine) bt Francesca Schiavone (Italy) 6-3, 6-0; Venus Williams (USA) bt Wang Chiang (China) 4-6, 6-4, 6-1.

Dickwella, Gunathilaka Star In Big Win

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Dickwella, Gunathilaka star in big win for Sri Lanka

Opening contestants Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka spent a noble century in Sri Lanka to help humble Zimbabwe in the 3rd International Day in Hambantota on Thursday.

In a huge 229 open-opening stand between Dickwella (102) and Gunathilaka (116) for the 311 victory, the host came home with 47.2 Overhauser and won 2-1 in the fifth series.

Left-handed hitter Durant made his debut at Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium, defeating hundreds of virgin ODIs by defeating Zimbabwean opener Hamilton Masakadza's sparkling 111 points to 310-8.

Wicket keeper / Batman While Dickwella was staying, Gunathilaka hit 15 and 6 to spur Zimbabwean attacks, while crossing 14 borders.

After losing the first game, we put the backboard on the wall and we came back, "said Angelo Matthews, captain of Sri Lanka.

"By the way Dickwella and Gunathilaka hit, we were able to chase 350 at the wicket," he said, with his team pursuing more than 300 running goals for the first time at Homeplus.

Off-spinner Malcolm Waller returned Dickwella to the pavilion and left-centered Sean Williams erased Gunathilaka and finished a disappointing show for Zimbabwe's bowlers.

Ukuleleum Thalanga (44) and Kusal Mendis (28) continued their unbeaten run with 75 RBIs.

"Bowling players have come back pretty well since Zimbabwe started, Hamilton played well, but credit had to go to him, but it was good to keep the ballers at 310," Matthews added.

Mathews also praised Tharanga, a team that has never been seen before in the series, after Dickwella and Gunathilaka reissued orders to allow innings.

Former Masakadza has signed 127 important partnerships with Tarisai Musakanda (48) in the second wicket spot before Sri Lankan bowling hits to confirm the wave of Zimbabwe.

Masakadza's 98-ball knockout came in 15 and 6 races, and Zimbabwe poured over 350 points due to the collapse.

Teenage leg-spinner Wanindu Hasaranga and face-bowling bowler Asela Gunaratne each grabbed two wickets at the ODI debut in their second match at Galle.

Shawn Williams (43) threw a stupid 43, but Sikandar Raja (25), who beat goalkeeper Peter Moore (24) and Jim Carbwy (300)

Zimbabwe captain Graeme Cremer said: "We will strike first but the 310 is good enough, we need to do better in the arena, our bowling was probably under par."

This job will go to the fourth ODI in the same place on Saturday.



H. Masakadza c Pradeep b Damage 111 S.F. Mire lbw b Pradeep 13 T. Mu Sakata c Tharanga b Gunaratne 48 C.R. Ervine lbw b Damage 16 S.C. Williams b Gunaratne 43 M. N. Waller lbw B Malinga 17 Conjugated Raza None 25 P.J. Moor c Mendis b Sandakan 24 A.G. Cremer is 0 C.T. Mumba did not go out 2

EXTRAS (LB-2, W-8, NB-1) 11

TOTAL (total 8, 50) 310

Fall of WKTS: 1-39, 2-166, 3-191, 4-206, 5-256, 6-263, 7-293, 8-293.

BET NOT: T.L. Chattera.

Bowling: Malinga 9-0-71-1 (1 nb, 2 w); Pradeep, 6-1-28-1 (1 w); Chameera 7-0-34-0; Sandakan 10-0-73-1 (3w); Hasaranga 7-0-44-2 (1w); Gunaratne 10-1-53-2; Gunathilaka 1-0-5-0.

Sri Lanka:

N. Dickwella C. Williams B. Bower 102 M.D. Kunashiraka b Williams 116 B.K.G. Mendis is 28 W.U. Do not go out the tarang 44

Extra (B-4, LB-2, W-16) 22

TOTAL (two weeks, 47.2 over) 312

Fall of WKTS: 1-229, 2-237.

BET NOT DAT: A. D. Mathews, D.A.S. Gunaratne, W. Hasaranga, P.V.D. Chameera, P.A.D.R.L. Sandakan, S.L. Malinga, N. Pradeep.

Bowling: Mumba 6.2-0-36-0 (2w); Chatara 6-0-47-0 (3 w); Razza Raza 10-0-55-0 (1w); Cremer 7-0-54-0 (1 w); Williams 8-0-63-1 (3w); Waller 8-0-32-1 (2w); Mire 2-0-19-0.

Result: Sri Lanka won 2-1 in five consecutive games at eight wickets.

UMPIRES: R.E.J. Martinez (Sri Lanka) and I.J. Gould (UK).

TV UMPIRE: N.J. Llong (United Kingdom).

Match referrer: B.C. Broad (UK)

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Danushka Gunathilaka.

NEXT MATCH: Hambantota, Saturday.

Rival Parties Exchange Allegations

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Rival parties exchange allegations as PS-114 by-election draws near

Pakistani activists Pakistan and Pakistan's Tehirik-I-Insaf, which are hosting the contest on July 9 after the Pakistani People's Party ran for the PS-114 by-election Sunday after the worst organizational and political crisis in the Pakistani People's Party, Expecting the following, the results will not reflect the general election trend in next year, political observers say.

As parties enter the last phase of the local parliamentary campaign, this election is no different for alleged allegations and repulsions among competing parties. Instead of focusing on games, they focus on their party and proclamation.

The current opposition MQM, PTI, and Jamaat-i-Islami have already made a will for the transparency of the voting results, suggesting the expected reaction if the outcome is hopeless. Since the recent decision by the Pakistani Election Commission to deploy troops and Rangers staff inside and outside the polling place, their fear of "gearing" on the day of the election has lost its meaning. However, their reservations on the "pre-ballot manipulation" by the authorities can still cast doubts on the much-publicized by-election.

According to political experts, the victory of any candidate is by no means a measure of the general election trend.

This position was won by the MQM in the 1990, 1993, and 2008 elections, but Rauf Siddiqi challenged Irfanullah Marwat in the position of a multilateral alliance called the National Alliance in 2013. However, his victory was declared void by the electoral tribunal. In July 2014, the Supreme Court paved the way for the polling place by rejecting Marwat's appeal, which in May 2017 challenged the ruling of the electoral tribunal.

There are more than 190,000 registered voters in the constituency and 92 polling stations, and consist of the Karachi Administration Housing Association, Baloch Colony, Mehmoodabad, Manzoor Colony, Defense View and PECHS Blocks.

Game accusation

So far, PPP has been holding the highest stake in the electoral district as it decided to elect a major leader and Senator Sidney Gagne, and the ruling party is also campaigning with enthusiasm. In return, it came under serious criticism and insistence from rivals.

"PPP is reliant on cheap tactics, but in the [PS-114] by-election, candidate Kamran Tessori will have a successful appearance," said Farooq Sattar, head of MQM Pakistan. Saeed Ghani Election campaign.

"On the one hand, PPP is using all Sindhi government resources for the by-election, and on the other hand, our party did not know about the mission of the return committee and the staff members to the polls.

"We have delivered a serious reservation for 11 polling stations, but it is vanity."

Secretary General of the PPP Secretary General Karachi favored the position of Senator Canaanite, but in the same way accused him of using the municipal government and raised the MQM claim as part of a campaign to justify "loss of fear".

"Despite all the crises and recent experience, unfortunately MQM has learned nothing," he said.

"They are following the same decades-old policy, attacking and criticizing others, we have been peaceful and campaigning in accordance with democratic norms, while the campaign of MQM is being carried out by municipal governments "They are afraid of defeat and are creating the basis for that defeat," said the PPP candidate.

Jamaat-i-Islami, along with Jahoor Ahmed Jadoon, is the only major religious organization targeting the Cardinal since Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan (Noorani) and Majlis Wahdat-i-Muslimeen (MWM) have decided to support Ghani. -114 by-poll.

PTI requests support from Marwat

Support for Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) nominee Najeeb Haroon comes from the Pakistani Muslim League - function (PML-F).

"Padding in PML-F was part of PTI's strategy of bringing all the opposition on Sind to one platform," explaining Pant's recent understanding of PML-F for PSTI 114, PTI Secretary General Jehangir Claimed Tareen. "The support of PML-F will be of great help to the PTI campaign, we are here, people have tested everything and are disappointed, PTI is their last hope, we will never betray them "

Interestingly, PTI was able to convince Marwat, the past PML-N leader and the same person in 2013, after a series of meetings to support his candidates in the by-election.