Friday, 7 July 2017

EU Parliament Calls For Suspending

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EU parliament calls for suspending Turkey accession talks

The European Parliament urged Turkey to abandon its full implementation of President Tayyip Erdogan's mandate in a vote that Turkey has misrepresented as defective on Thursday to stop negotiations with the European Union (EU) .

Congress has emphasized the growing gap between the two sides, despite the limited influence Turkey has had on decades of European Union membership due to intense exchanges between Ankara and some European countries.

EU leaders were critical of Erdogan and his actions against his opponent before and after a discrete military coup in July.

After a coup attempt in April and Erdogan's victory in a closely fought referendum, a yearlong crackdown raged concerns among Turkey's Western allies.

Prime Minister Erdogan said he needs more pressure and increased presidential powers to resolve Turkey's security problems both at home and across borders.

The resolution, passed by the Strasbourg council, urged the European Commission and its member countries to officially "halt enrollment negotiations with Turkey without delay unless the constitutional reform plan is changed." Some constitutional changes approved in April have already been implemented - Erdogan could go back and lead the AK Party, and the members of the Supreme Court changed. Other measures, such as the withdrawal of the prime minister, will take place within two years.

Opposition parties and human rights organizations say the change threatens the independence of the judiciary and pushes Turkey into single-handed control. The European Union also expressed concern.

"The current strategy of the European Commission and European Union leaders seems to be quietly waiting for things to improve in Turkey," said Kati Piri, a negotiator at the European Parliament in Turkey. "Erdogans, I gave him food. "

Turkey 's UN Secretary - General Omer Celik said Ankara' s vote in Strasbourg was invalid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also disagreed.

"This decision is not worth it to us," the Bush administration quoted the European Parliament as saying in a statement, "The decision based on false allegations and charges is undermining the reputation of the authorities." Johannes EU enlargement committee visited Istanbul And a vote for negotiations with Turkish ministers.

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