Thursday, 26 July 2018

Syrian rebels agree to surrender zone bordering Golan

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Syrian rebels agree to surrender zone bordering Golan Syrian rebels have agreed to surrender sensitive areas bordering the Golan Heights, a growing Israeli troops, a opposition source said yesterday. The agreement follows another round of negotiations that saw thousands of residents withdraw from the two friendly dictatorships surrounded by hard-line rebels in northern Syria on Thursday.

The two deals negotiated with the Russian regime will be considered a victory for President Bashar al-Assad. Combining military power and negotiated surrender this month his troops were arrested for more than 90% of Daraa in the southern provinces and suffered the first rioting in 2011.

They began violently bombing Quneitra, wedge-shaped crescent-shaped fat between Daraa and the buffer zone, with Golan, occupied by Israel to the west. Abbas said the rebels had agreed to hand over the buffer to Tsunetira and government officials, an opposition party negotiator and a watchdog told AFP on Thursday.

"The negotiations call for the return of the armistice and heavy weapons and the return of government agencies," said Rami Abdel Rahman, a British Syrian observatory. Syrian troops will occupy the opposition territory and some rebels will go to the opposition territory in northern Syria, he added.

SANA, a state-run news agency, said the military does not provide more detailed information and has information about the transactions that will return to the region's 2011 post. The rebel negotiator said that a preliminary truce agreement with Khanna was signed with Moscow, but it is unclear when it will be implemented. Under him, he said in an interview with AFP that Syrian troops will join the buffer zone with Russian police.

Though Israel did not make any comment on Thursday, the military said that tens of thousands of Syrians are watching the border safely in combat. During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the security of the region was a top priority.

Russia is a multi - decade - long ally of the Syrian government and used the carrot and stick strategy for rebels to help Assad regain his Senator. Moscow began bombing Syrian rebels in 2015, but also reached them with negotiated surrender to important areas. He brokered the deal this week to withdraw thousands of people surrounded by a pair of pro-regime villages northwest of Syria.

The negotiations between Russia and Turkey, a rebel ally, saw the thousands of residents escaping by bus on Thursday to the region of Aleppo's regime.

Approximately 6,900 civilians and combatants emptied the village completely

For little mercy we all have to be in this time of trial, and Friday's paper has given us enough cause for relief. Members of tributaries who are gradually declining are sure to share this feeling.

Raza Mahmood Khan, a convener of Aghaz-i-Dosti, a friendship initiative to bring together the youth and youth of India and Pakistan. During the last seven months of kidnapping from the Model Colony in Lahore on December 2, last year, social activists joined the missing and 'missing' Pakistani class.

The Lahore police officer, who reported Raja's financial news, recovered 10 days ago, but did not disclose any further details. He said Raja did not make any statements about the security issue.

I would have been able to clearly see that he kept peace under peace if he did not want to repeat his seven-month experience of captivity. SP, Investigations, and Model Town who spoke to the media knew what happened to Raza and the social activist during the execution, but we can be confident that the 'security issue' will not keep him captive. Detail.

Their crime was not quiet in the four walls of the house or the workplace, but quietly in the public sphere. After all, when talking about sensitive issues, you should keep in mind national security issues. And patriotic Pakistanis can sing in one hymn sheet or sing at all. It's that simple.

Raja's family and friends got him back, and whatever the police officer said was 'good health', the person will know when all the injuries, physical and mental injuries are given. What if you still have scars? Who can have it all?

Please do not make me wrong. I was angry. This is an expression of complete and complete surrender and resignation. I really appreciate the thanks that I mentioned. I know a lot of people who did not go home after similar people disappeared.

Two of the married couples who are destined to return from the dead, indeed, saw what I saw and told me what nonsensical questions were and what they were to be responsible for 'anti-national' human rights. Activity, attempted 'reverse doctrine'.

They were never traitors. Yes, they were Pakistanis and they were the last. Unlike those who can not be named as anonymous sailors, they must provide the best path to national prosperity and opportunities for education, health care and progress for each Pakistan. Their crime was not quiet in the four walls of the house or the workplace, but quietly in the public sphere. That was enough. It is never important that it never threatened the state in any way. They have never seen a gun.

If you actually do, I mean you can have a firearm, attack Pakistan and use your weapons to kill or disarm your destiny. Yes, it depends on the Pakistan you attacked and the strength and consequences.

I will explain. You are okay if you use it to carry guns for the right hand and also to take care of those who challenge your personal beliefs. If you have killed a large number of Pakistan, you are most certainly in return for raising the prize trophy - not dead but alive - and eventually to the right at the end.

Nothing in this category grants you the right to be interviewed on the national TV network. People in both categories also become mainstream and get the right to run for election and bring poison to parliament.

But remember that the hymns are of the utmost importance.

Before the general election on May 5, people who spend most of their time on politics will wonder if they can avoid unexpected things, such as naming the most popular enthusiast as the next resident of the House Cabinet.

But I long for it. In Dawn on Thursday, one of the most iconic commentators of our time, a reporter whose honesty is so unconventional and almost inaccessible and who inspires generations dares to evaluate his election.

My hero mentor, bigger than life I.A. Always telling the truth, Rehman attacked social media and thought it would not be possible for far fewer people and journalists to do a preliminary questionnaire analysis, with a self-righteous ignorance to speak a simple mind. So, you will not hesitate to give an assessment of what may or may not happen on the 25th. It will be released until next week. I may not do any analysis of the proposal, but his heart will beat the land of my birth forever

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